How to make stunning and high-converting sales pages without headache and hours of thinking about WHAT to write there? Find the solution made for you on this page!

Drag-n-Drop Template of High-Converting Sales Page in Canva and Google Docs with examples and explanations

Designed for copywriters and business owners who want to make sales pages quickly,
without wasting their time and thinking about what to write next.


  • 1 Canva Template
  • 1 Google Docs document
  • 19 blocks aka screens of a sales page
  • Many text templates
  • Instructions on why and how to write all of these blocks easily

Imagine that you don’t need to blow your mind and feel exhausted creating sales pages…you just drag-n-drop, add several words and publish –
and start using your sales page in a day after you decided to make it!

Sounds good?? I think so! Because I was in your shoes some day…

Milya Kotery
content marketer and small business owner

…One day I wanted to sell my stunning course to my followers who were ready to buy it – but I didn’t know how to create a high-converting sales page. I wanted it simple, fast and attention-grabbing, you know? We all want it. How is it great when someone knows how to sell your beautiful products and you don’t need to think about it! 

But when you are a small business owner or an expert who wants to share your knowledge who knows what your audience craves, you can’t outsource it. Because it is expensive, takes a lot of time, complex…etc. You just don’t want to think about it, not that do it, because you have so many things to do as well!

I got you. I was there. And I hate this state of feelings, too! 🙂 

What did I do? I learned, read, asked, and finally I realized that there are just several rules of creating STUNNING, SIMPLE AND HIGH-CONVERTING SALES PAGES.

You don’t need to be a magician or Steve Jobs to sell, you CAN make converting pages WITHOUT any help, large expenses and wasting of time. 

How? I’ll tell you right now.

Sounds familiar?

  • You want to launch sales, but you need a sales page and don’t want to spend time on it
  • You tried to create sales pages but they didn’t convert or converted worse than you expected
  • You can’t catch how people create captivating and engaging pages, what formula do they use?!
  • You find creating sales pages exhausting and time-consuming and want something that significantly reduce the time you spend on it
  • You want to launch sales and be SURE that you will succeed and earn good money!

If you’ve ever felt exhausted and disappointed after launching because your sales page didn’t convert and hasn’t had something crucial (but you didn’t know WHAT exactly), then it’s time to change everything!

I know what to do!

Save your time

Create with pleasure

Get conversions

FACT: sales pages are CRUCIAL part of a promotional campaign. You can't avoid using them.

We, marketers, use sales pages for:

  • product sales,
  • services sales,
  • collecting emails,
  • collecting leads,
  • selling apps,

and many more… For every promotion we need to create a stunning, effective standalone sales page to run an ad and collect leads. 

People used to tell you that in this social media times you don’t need websites… It’s not true. Of course, you can use only social media posts for sales, but is it effective? Can you tell your customers everything they want to know before buying?? 

And this leads us to that point. Where we need to sit and finally make it. But how?? 

Don’t worry. I did almost everything for you! (And I used my template for THIS sales page, so I didn’t spend much time on it. Smart, isn’t it?)


I have gathered my expertise and experience for more than 500 clients and created this Sales Page Template to help you free your time and give you the ability to focus on your business and income, not on the boring marketing content making

With this Sales Page Template (with instructions!) you will:

see results faster because you will launch your products in a day or less

spend more time focusing on the parts of business you enjoy and much less on boring ones

always be sure that you will achieve the result you desire and have sales no matter what you sell

Look what my clients say:

What's inside this Drag'n'Drop Sales Page Template

  • 1 Canva Template with captions, headlines and blocks ($500 value)
  • 1 Google Docs document with explanations and examples of using each block (and why you need them) on 15 pages ($400 value)
  • 19 blocks aka screens of a sales page with highlighted blocks that are crucial
  • Many text templates where you need just to add information about your business/Ideal Customer(IC)/product/service
  • Instructions that substitute a whole course module about creating sales pages (and you always can ask me a question or book a consultation or an audit!) ($500 value)
A High-Converting Sales Page Template
with value of $1400
for only $27

Canva Template → just drag’n’drop, substitute texts, and publish DIRECTLY from Canva saving your money and a huge amount of time (no hosting and domain needed!)

Google Docs instructions → you don’t need to finish a large copywriting course to create stunning, high-converting sales pages. I’ll learn you everything you need for a quick start! 

Examples and texts templates → don’t think about what to write, just copy, paste, and substitute. All you need is information about your target audience and its needs.


They are available immediately after purchasing

I place them on BuyMeACoffee since I support small businesses, so you will have not only this template, but a direct contact with me.



Are you ready for this game changer?!

I know how hard it can be to get all these marketing things together.

You want to focus on essential things, earn more, and spend more time with your family and yourself, and instead, you need to spend it on boring marketing, sitting hours and hours trying to squeeze all these words from your brain… 

You don’t need to do it anymore! I’ve got you covered.

The key difference between my Sales Page Template and others is that I believe that you don’t need to be a super experienced copywriter or marketer, spend huge amounts of time and money on courses to know how to write.

I provide all the information, instructions, and examples so that you can create sales pages yourself and understand why and how you do it.

And you can even make them for others and increase your income if you want!

Don’t waste your time on boring writing anymore – grab your High-Converting Sales Page Template Today!

I use BuyMeACoffee to support small business owners and provide not only exclusive content but also a direct contact with me. So don’t hesitate to send me a message after your purchase and ask me any questions. You can also ask everything you want by email: milyakotery@gmail.com

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